Our Process

The entire process at Bookuus is based on being good to our world and to others. Therefore, we start our process by sourcing wood from nursery farms with special trees grown in an ecologically friendly manner. The wood we use is repurposed surplus material from cuttings and scraps left over from the manufacture of larger products like furniture. Nothing is wasted. Each phone case is environmentally friendly, breaking down naturally, unlike regular plastic cases when discarded. Our product is ergo dynamic in that the smooth feel of the natural wood is good for you to hold and pleasing to the touch.

We use a complex proprietary process with attention to detail from the beginning to the completion of each of our beautiful phone cases. Our process is time consuming, but we are dedicated to creating an outstanding beautiful product. We start with a very thin layer of wood about one millimeter thick and create two similar pieces. Then we add reinforcement material between the two layers to ensure optimal protection for your phone. We manually weld these materials together in a press to construct the exact size for each phone case. Our specialists, trained in artisan carpentry, also take care of the next stage of this complex process. They neatly and gracefully manually process the grinding and polishing of each phone case. The wood used contains natural grain and imperfections. Therefore, every phone case has its own special and individualized characteristics making each phone case unique.

After this initial processing stage, our extremely talented artists begin to design customized images or utilize our current graphic designs to embellish and personalize your phone case. These artists have had their work on display in the USA, Japan, China, Iran, and in Europe. They put their whole heart and many hours of thought, revision, conversation, brainstorming, and work into the engraving that will be imaged on your personal phone case. Sometimes, especially for custom-designed pieces, this part of the process takes extra time. Sketches are made based on trial and error, conversations and stories, observation and inspiration, and discussions with you about your ideas and concerns as part of our goal to create a finalized piece. We truly want you to be exceptionally pleased by the products you purchase from us.

In the final stages of the creating process, we compliment our graphics with a layering of resistant paint that emphasizes the details and beauty of the engraved graphic image on each case. Then we assure quality control before we decide the case is up to our demanding standards. After this, our packing and shipping process begins to complete the goal of your receiving a quality, functional, beautiful, and carefully thought filled product. As you can see, there are many steps to our process from the carefully selected materials, the skill level of our craft artisans, the talent and insight of the artists, and the commitment at Bookuus to do the best for each customer. We put a lot of hard work into each phone case. We believe we also put a lot of heart into each phone case. We hope that you feel and realize our heart-felt commitment to the causes we support, to your desire to do the same, and to the end-product that will be beautiful to see and beneficial to hold. In our own way, we hope we are connecting heart to heart with you to help alleviate the hurt in the world.