Our Philosophy

At Bookuus, we understand the world needs improvement and that people often need help from each other to endure and overcome the many challenges that face us all daily. We want to contribute to positive social goals, effect good cultural changes, and promote a sense of partnership with each other to achieve these aims. Through the sale of our Bookuus phone cases, our company goal is to raise $20 million dollars to support the organizations that are listed on our website.

Almost everyone today depends on their smart phone to connect, communicate, and contribute to their personal and professional worlds. The cell phone, like the computer before it, and the telephone before that, radically changed the way we interact with each other. History reveals innovations like trains, automobiles, airplanes, and other technological achievements as having a huge impact on the way we live together. Perhaps nothing prior has had such a deep daily impact on us all at such a personal level as the cell phone. Cell phones are such small objects, yet at a fundamental level they filter our entire world. Our smiles come when they bring us information of joy, happiness, or beautiful moments worth remembering. Our smiles fade when that same small object gives us news of sadness, sorrow, and despair. Cell phone are now an ordinary way of life having important, dangerous, and even addictive influence upon us. Regardless of their influence, we can not do without them.

At Bookuus, we understand how an everyday cell phone can contribute a large amount of good to our lives and to our world. Our multiple themed carefully crafted, beautiful phone cases have specialized and individualized designs that reflect your life values, your support for others, and your desire to not forget or neglect those in need. Your personalized Bookuus phone case demonstrates to others your stand on some important social issues, your effort to try to make the world a better place, and your caring for your family, community, or support of a meaningful social institution. Your Bookuus phone case also shows that you appreciate a beautifully made, intentionally designed, and totally functional product that promotes positive good for you and others.

Our Bookuus products have been made with exceptional care and attention to the smallest details. We have a passion and commitment to complete each case using the highest quality materials, the finest craftsmanship, and the best communication with you as you purchase one of our outstanding standard cases or decide to create a custom phone case. The materials used in our phone cases come from environmentally repurposed sources and are made of non-toxic elements in an earth friendly process. At Bookuus, we put a generous percentage of each purchase price towards non-profit foundations or other organizations affiliated with our company. Your purchase promotes the essential good work done by many great organizations. Therefore, you not only receive an extraordinary product, but you have the satisfaction of contributing to a quality social organizational cause to continue their good work. We provide quarterly fiscal reports on our website that delineate the specific non-profit organizations to whom all percentage-based contributions are donated.

The basic premise behind Bookuus is threefold:

  • You receive a high quality beautifully crafted product that reflects a well thought out message and allows you to stand out and stand up to emphasize your social and personal values.
  • You gain the deep satisfaction of knowing your purchase of a fine product contributes a donation to a worthwhile social foundation or organization.
  • You connect with us for an unforgettable mutual time of cooperation, communication, and creative sharing as we work together on a custom project or answer your questions and concerns regarding our products.