Our Causes


The graphic designs for our Veteran’s Phone Case have been created to remind all Americans about the endurance, the hardship, the deprivation, and the ultimate sacrifice of our military personnel who put our country before their own lives.

Our designs Let Freedom Reign, Purple Heart, Standing Strong, and Tag of Honor remind you and others daily how much our Veterans give and gave for our USA freedom, By using these Veteran design cases, you give tribute to each Veteran, past, present, and future, for their exemplary gestures of dedication, national duty, and self-sacrifice.

30% of the sale of each Veteran’s Phone Case is donated to veteran-based non-profits organizations like those where everything offered to veterans is free to the recipients. We contribute to organizations whose aim is to help veterans become empowered as vital community members and who recognize the hardships of those injured Veterans who sacrificed so much for us all.

Specific organizations who provide a customized home, mortgage free, to those Veterans most catastrophically injured while in service and who also ensure help for the families of those who have been killed in the line of duty and who leave behind young children are among the top priority for our contributions from the sale of these phone cases. Non-profit foundations who recognize the needs of surviving spouses with young children or who focus on the needs of young children who lose one parent or who are orphaned due to the heroic efforts of those who give the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country are the beneficiaries of the contributions from the sale of these phone case. These amazing non-profit organizations help our Veterans, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and their families when their lives have been detrimentally affected by dedicated service to others. You receive a beautiful, meaningful messaged product, as well as helping those who fought and those who are serving, fighting, and responding to protect and uphold the good of our nation.

30% of the proceeds from your purchase contributes to these fine non-profits. You also send a message of awareness to others to remind them of these meaningful organizations.

9-11 and First Responders

As the smoke rose from the horrific attack on the USA on 9-11, Americans nationwide bonded and mourned in resolve and solidarity to ‘never forget’ the thousands of lives lost in New York, in Arlington, Virginia, and in Pennsylvania. The world mourned with us. In that tragedy, heroes arose from every responding agency at the scene all risking and some losing their own lives. For months later, those same Emergency Responders and many other responding emergent personnel volunteered to staff aftermath missions with issues from debris and body identification to the medical, emotional, and financial needs faced by surviving victims, their families, and the families of the lost. Those same volunteers suffered post-attack victimization by contact with contaminants from the tragedy. The translucent light of the Memorial of the World Trade Center attack stands as a testament to lives lost, heroes responding, victims surviving, and an American legacy that states firmly, ‘Never Again.’

Bookuus wants to continue the support and the remembrance of the valiant efforts of all the responders and commemorate the loss of so many innocent lives.

Our graphic designs Twin Towers 9-11 and First Responders reflect the spirit of solidarity with those whose lives have been affected by this tragedy. By purchasing one of our commemorative phone cases, you demonstrate respect, support, and gratitude for those whose lives were altered by the negative impact of 9-11 and those who continue the necessary care for the individuals and families still in need.

30% of the sale of each of these phone cases is donated help military and first responders who gave the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country.

Non-profit programs that are designed to help them and their families are the recipients of the donation contribution from your purchase of one of our 9-11 and First Responder Phone Cases. These specific non-profit programs provide a customized home, mortgage free, to those Veterans most catastrophically injured in their line of duty or help the families of Law Enforcement and firefighters killed in the line of duty and who leave behind young children. These programs honor the legacy of those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country. Your 30% donation from the sale of our product continues that work effort and help for relief, resolution, and restitution to victims, responders, and their families who have been detrimentally affected after their dedicated heroic response to our national tragedies.

Vehicle Emblem

This specially designed Vehicle Emblem Phone Case is not simply a beautifully made accessory to your new luxury vehicle purchase. Your vehicle logo emblem is exquisitely engraved with care onto each carefully created phone case. In addition to this, your phone case makes a statement beyond your purchase.

Our Bookuus Vehicle Emblem Phone Case visibly demonstrates your choice to support the fight against breast, brain, lung, or prostate cancer from those non-profit organizations who receive the donation from your contribution purchase. Each phone case has a ribbon engraved on the top above the vehicle emblem logo. The symbolic ribbon represents your support to find a cure through research and to support cancer patients. 30% of the proceeds from the sale of each phone case will be donated to an organization that is working to find a cure for the four forms of cancer listed here. We all know someone suffering now or someone who died from this insidious disease.

Your purchase of one of our Vehicle Emblem Phone Cases makes a clear statement that you support the people who have endured this illness and the people who work daily and diligently to find a cancer cure.


At Bookuus, we understand and support the importance of quality education especially when applied to young energetic minds. Young students are our future. That is why Bookuus decided to cooperate with schools, colleges, universities, and institutions of learning who are proud of their students, their achievements, and the institutional heritage of graduation achievement. Our sample Education Phone Case displayed here has been specially created for LaSalle College High School using their crest design. Each current student and every graduate who values their educative years would want to have a phone case that displays their educative affiliation, aspiration, and graduation. 30% of the proceeds from each phone case sale is donated back to the educative institution whose logo appears on the phone case. These phone cases make excellent durable, practical, and personalized gifts. We also offer special customized options including the graphic engraving of the extra-curricular activities of the educative organization like our sample of LaSalle College High School Rowing Club Phone Case. By using the logos of the athletic teams, like football, basketball, tennis, hockey, water polo, track and field, baseball, etc., your purchase of that specially designed phone case contributes 30% of the sale proceeds are donated to the actual team or club in that educative organization. What a great way to support those extra-curricular activities and commemorate the commitment and effort of achieving learning in an educative environment!

Help for Hunger

Our Help for Hunger Phone Cases are very specifically designed to reflect the social response to alleviate something that affects all our lives – hunger. No one deserves to be hungry. None of us move through life without the help of others. It does not matter where you have been, who you are, or who you will become. Any of us can at any time have an experience that places us in need. Hunger in America should not exist. Food insecurity exists for over 40 million Americans and includes 12 million children and 7 million seniors. Food banks are often staffed by volunteers distributing voluntary donations, who work daily and diligently to alleviate this ongoing social issue. These local and national partnerships address the fact that today one in seven people in American faces some critical hunger issues during their life and food banks help feed billions of hungry Americans annually. Their efforts provide a sense of security and stability in the otherwise unpredictable lives of those who experience hunger in America. By purchasing an Help for Hunger Phone Case, 30% of your purchase price is donated to a food bank who provides the needed food and support that continues to improve people’s lives with hope and no hunger. The proceeds from your purchase will be gratefully appreciated and received to continue the good work we all need to make our world a better place for ourselves now and for the future lives to come.

Fight Against Alzheimer’s

The donations from our Fight Against Alzheimer’s Phone Cases go to non-profit programs that provide program support, services, and education, to individuals, families, and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia and fund research for better patient treatment and care. These organizations also help the caregivers in family or professional settings.

Our Bookuus Fight Against Alzheimer’s Phone Case designs use symbolic imagery to express support for Alzheimer’s patients. Our designs titles reflect that support – Endurance, Hold Tight, Persistence, Vigilance – and compliment the visual representation of these characteristics. You can choose the design that most reflects your individual affinity to help fight this disease and support the patients and families living with this critical illness daily.

Your purchase of a Fight Against Alzheimer’s Phone Case will give 30% of the purchase price to assist this noble cause and bring more awareness nationwide of this debilitating disease to others.

Hospitals for Children

One of the most difficult experiences in life is to see a child suffer especially from a formidable illness, accident, or a genetic disorder. Our hearts naturally want to see this situation righted so that child can have a chance for a normal happy childhood and life. Our Hospitals for Children Phone Cases support the finest medical American organizations dedicated to providing children with medical needs the chance to live a normal life. Their missions seek a better life for the sick child and provide financial and other support for the family to help all involved achieve the goal of giving children a chance for a cure and a normal life. Children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, sports injuries, fractures, cleft-lip, palate, or craniofacial issues or those with formidable illnesses like cancer, leukemia, and other life-threatening diseases are provided with low or no cost medical help. Families have access to supportive environments from live-in and on-site facilities to major assistance with medical costs. Your purchase of one of our Hospitals for Children donates 30% of the purchase price to one of the remarkable dedicated children focused non-profit hospitals. We offer a selection of phone case designs with descriptive titles: Help Build Their Future, Help Them Grow, and Help Children Heal. By using your phone case in public, you also promote more awareness about the incredible work by those who are daily trying to bring more help to children in need.


At Bookuus we understand what it means to lose someone we love from a beloved family member or friend to an irreplaceable devoted animal friend. There is something so worthwhile and honoring in donating to a good cause in the name of our beloved. Our Legacy Phone Cases are a specially dedicated concept and made with exceptional attention to the idea and image represented on the case. These cases take extra time to create. We will work with you to finalize the most extraordinary remembrance for you to carry daily. There are several ways we can create these special memorial legacy cases. You can send us an image of your beloved to have engraved on the case by itself. You can also send us a brief couple of words in the handwriting of the person you want to commemorate. For example, the signature always signed with a loving statement like, “Love you, Mom”, that graced each of your holiday and birthday cards could be reproduced with an image on your phone case. Nothing is more individual than our personal handwriting. Or, you could have a sentence or phrase, handwriting alone, engraved artfully on the back of your commemorative phone case without an image to always remind you that our loved ones are still near and dear to us. We can work through the designs and details with you as these uniquely designed phone cases are completed with your input at each stage in our specialized creative process. Finally, a full 30% of the total cost of your beautiful individualized phone case will be donated to one of the charities or foundations that you choose listed on our website. This donation will be made in the name of your beloved human or animal. What a wonderful way to celebrate a life, keep a legacy alive, and allow that love never ends but keeps giving to those in need.